Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My New Wheel and more!

My friend Carol reminded me that is has been a while since I have posted anything so I figured I better get something new up! Things have been very hectic around the house. I have been home schooling my 3 kids and that in it's self is quite an adventure! I have been trying to get some new yarns done for an art show next month and we might be moving some time this month!! The place we might be moving to has a tub and I promise you if everything works out, I will be doing my own rendition of "Calgon, take me away" the first night! Oh how I would love to take a bubble bath! It's amazing how little things like a tub can make one so happy!

Here is a picture of my pretty little new wheel! It is an early 1800's Romanian spinning wheel and I absolutely love it! I had seen it on Down in the Country's website and fell in love with it! I was hoping I might be able to talk hubby into it, but no such luck! The next thing I knew it showed up in the mail and I found out my mom had gotten it for me with a bit of help from a complete stranger! This lady Pat had stopped at my mom's to pick up some stuff she was buying from my mom on craigslist and they got started talking about kids and my mom told her about the wheel. Pat said "Oh my gosh, that's why the Lord brought me here and proceeded to give my mom some money towards the wheel! My mom decided to put in the rest and have it sent to me! What an incredible surprise it was!

I have been working on some new yarn and here are some pics of them. This one is a black Romney wool that I blended with dyed nylon roving. I really like the way it came out and it's really soft and fluffy!
This one is from white Romney wool that I dyed myself! I think it came out really pretty!
This one is mohair yarn with light blue beads! The mohair came from Grace's goat Sugar and it has been a dream to spin! In fact I bought all of the rest of it that she had listed on etsy! If you are ever looking for some of the most wonderful fiber to spin check out Grace's fibers on her etsy site at www.larkspurfunnyfarm.etsy.com! And yes, I did a 2nd beaded yarn! Actually I have done 3 so far!
This one is from white Romney wool that I dyed myself and it is super soft and fluffy!

Here is a pic of the 3rd beaded yarn I have done! They haven't taken as long as the first one and yes my family thinks I am nuts! I tired to get my son to help me slide beads on one of them and I even offered to pay him and he said"NO" ! My hubby said" You're doing another one of those!" Maybe I am nuts, but I sure am having a lot of fun!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Monica,

I know you are in heaven with your new OLD wheel..it's a true piece of art in and of itself.....all of your yarns are fabulous (per usual) :0)..I love all the ones with the beads.

Blessings never cease..this is why God tells us to ASK for our heart's desires and they will be granted. :0)

Have a great evening sweet lady..hugs to you,

Autumn said...

Oh my! What a lovely little wheel! The only thing better than being the daughter of such a sweet momma- is to be the momma, herself. I know she enjoyed being able to bless you!!! Thats how mommas are!!!!
Your yarn is wonderful!!! Every color more beautiful than the last!!!

Carol............. said...

Glad you posted...'bout time! LOL

Wow! is all I can say about your yarns...they're absolutely gorgeous...can't wait till next month when I can actually touch them!

Isn't that something about the wheel....strange how some people don't think God exists....since the proof is always around us...

See you soon......ahhhh..lunch!

monica said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments! It means a lot to me!

Steph, I have been seriously asking for a drum carder lately and I may have found one! I am waiting(not to patiently) to hear back from the lady ad to whether or not she still has it!

Autumn, Mommies are great aren't they!!

Carol, I figured I owed you a new post! I can't wait till lunch!!!

I am thinking of doing a "Christmas" yarn with white wool and red beads next!

Ruth said...

So glad to see a new post, Monica. I love the new wheel. What a great story about how you got it. God is so good.

The yarn is amazing. Love it all. Praying for your move, that all goes well.