Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What else???????

This month has just been one of those months and I have to say that I am glad it's over! We are still waiting to move and at this point I honestly have no idea when it will happen! I am wondering whether or not I should start digging out Christmas decorations or if we will be moved by then! On top of that my dear hubby had two operations to repair two hernias that got worse after he had an accident on the ATV in July so I have been doing double duty on chores this month including hauling and cutting firewood with his big saw that used to intimidate me! My computer has been playing a game with me in the mornings as to whether or not it wants to turn on right and the tranny is going out on the truck! Besides that I have not had even one measly sale between either of my shops at all this month and not even anything for my big 30% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale! I have to say that if it was not my life I would not believe it!
I do know it could be much worse! We still have a warm roof over our head and praise God my poor little Jeep is still running and the operations both went great and hubby is recovering very nicely and I have still found time to relax with a warm cup of coffee and spin some yarn and to top it all off, today is my mom's birthday!! In the end I am still grateful and thankful that the Lord has watched over my family and that I still have a good sense of humor! I hope and pray that for those of you that may read this, that even if times have been tough that you will still be blessed and have a good sense of humor! Life really is great!