Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sears and Kmart deserve coal for Christmas!

I don't generally just complain about something, but this has really upset me! The other day my mom was going to order some Erector Sets for my son for Christmas and they had them online at Sears with Free Shipping ( or so we thought)! To make a long story short, she went to check out and it would not take the code which was SANTA! She called and the lady asked her if she had read all of it and here it turns out that toys are not included at all in free shipping! Who could not include toys at Christmas! So bah humbug to Sears!

I then looked online for them and found what she wanted at Kmart and I had a $5.00 off coupon and Free Shipping! They even had a thing that if you ordered by the 17th you could get it by Christmas! I had decided to check at the store before I ordered just in case they had any sales! They didn't so I was going to order them online when I got home from grocery shopping yesterday. It was getting late so I called my mom from the market and had her order them for me!

Everything seemed fine until I found out today that you can only get it by Christmas if you pay for expedited shipping which I didn't see, so now my son's presents should be here the 28th! on top of that it appeared on my receipt that the items were on sale, but didn't ring up on sale so I called and got possible the nastiest customer service agent that basically said to me "okay here is what I see so what is the problem" at that point I had enough and just got off the phone! She could not see what I was talking about! I finally realized that it was not sale prices but the free shipping and $5.00 off that was being called the savings even though it wasn't! It also turned out that I could have ordered them online before I went to town and picked them up at the store yesterday!

Would someone tell whether or not these items look on sale to you! Problem is that if you add up the item total it comes too $49.77 not $61.80! Why do they have to make is so confusing?

Sold By: Kmart

KSN #: 78860911

Item Amount:
Item Savings:
Item Total:


150pc Construction Bucket
Sold By: Kmart

KSN #: 43598980

Item Amount:
Item Savings:
Item Total:


Motorized 10 Model Set in Tub
Sold By: Kmart


KSN #: 43598983

Item Amount:
Item Savings:
Item Total:


Initial Subtotal:




Shipping Charge:


Savings (deals, promotions and/or shipping discounts):




I am so tired of all of the fine print and mean customer service agents! Why can't stores simply say you can get it by Christmas with expedited shipping right there on the front page instead of making it look like something it's not! I think it's deceptive and misleading! Is there no more integrity or honesty left with businesses! I will tell you one thing! I will not ever shop at Sears or Kmart again! Too much of a pain! So there is my complaint!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finally, my first dish towel!

I got my loom last February and I finally got up the nerve to tackle it and start weaving! I had to cut off the old weaving a partially warp it again, but I got it done and made my first dish towel! I have to say that I am really happy with it and the sides also came out nice and even! I have to confess that it's harder to weave alone than it is to spin! There are a lot more terms and I am unfamiliar with most of them. I think with all of that, I still managed to pull off a decent looking towel!:)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What else???????

This month has just been one of those months and I have to say that I am glad it's over! We are still waiting to move and at this point I honestly have no idea when it will happen! I am wondering whether or not I should start digging out Christmas decorations or if we will be moved by then! On top of that my dear hubby had two operations to repair two hernias that got worse after he had an accident on the ATV in July so I have been doing double duty on chores this month including hauling and cutting firewood with his big saw that used to intimidate me! My computer has been playing a game with me in the mornings as to whether or not it wants to turn on right and the tranny is going out on the truck! Besides that I have not had even one measly sale between either of my shops at all this month and not even anything for my big 30% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale! I have to say that if it was not my life I would not believe it!
I do know it could be much worse! We still have a warm roof over our head and praise God my poor little Jeep is still running and the operations both went great and hubby is recovering very nicely and I have still found time to relax with a warm cup of coffee and spin some yarn and to top it all off, today is my mom's birthday!! In the end I am still grateful and thankful that the Lord has watched over my family and that I still have a good sense of humor! I hope and pray that for those of you that may read this, that even if times have been tough that you will still be blessed and have a good sense of humor! Life really is great!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time flies!

It's amazing how time flies! I can't believe that it has once again been months since my last post! I have been busy with so much lately. We have been working on the house until recently and it's almost done! The carpet was put in Thursday! Not much more to finish so hopefully we will be moving soon. The bad part of finally moving is that Gary is having surgery so he won't be able to do any of it!
I am still plugging away trying to sell yarn and lately things have been very slow! I opened up my own website at Just Ducky and I am still in process of listing things! Someday I would love to make enough to hire someone else to list stuff for me! I would so much rather be spinning than listing!
I have started working on lace weight yarns and while they seem to take forever, I love them! The good thing about them is when you finally get done spinning, you have 700+ yards of yarn!

Monday, July 12, 2010

2 Years Spinning!

Two years ago today I purchased my first drop spindle to start my incredible journey of spinning yarn! It has been a wonderful time working with fiber and I have decided to celebrate by having a 20% off SALE at my etsy store. I must say that in two years I have accumulated lots of fiber, more spindles and even quite a few spinning wheels! Better yet I have gained some very special fiber friends that are the best part of all!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Giveaway on BluemoonRanch's Blog

My friend Linda is having a giveaway on her blog at BluemoonRanch's Blog! She is giving away a whole alpaca fleece so hop on over there and leave a comment if you want to be entered!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dyeing all weekend long!

Last weekend, I got into a serious fiber dyeing mood and dyed 16 batches of fiber! I found that I was getting great colors by dyeing a second batch of wool in the same water! I had a lot of great results! Some came out the second time better than others, but nothing was disappointing at all!

My New Loom!

I have a rigid heddle loom and have always wanted to get a 4-Harness Loom! When one of the ladies in my Ravelry group put up a link to this loom I decided I couldn't pass it up! It is a beautiful 1930's Structo Artcraft 4-Harness loom and I love it! It made it all the way from Pennsylvania safely on UPS even with a snowstorm going on! It came with weaving already on it and I haven't had a chance to play with it much yet! It is in beautiful shape and I cna't wait to warp it and start something on it! Oh what fun!

How time flies!

I can't believe that is has been almost 3 months since I last posted on my blog! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have all come and gone! Valentine's Day is upon us and I sit here and wonder where the days have gone! It seems sometimes like the days pass by so quickly that before I know it a week has gone by!
We had a very nice Thanksgiving Dinner with friends! This was the first time that I have cooked for a large group and it all went fairly smooth!
Christmas was exceptionally hectic this year with the kids being in a play at church and a Christmas party for all of the kids in town, the week before! The whole week before Christmas seemed to pass in such a blur! Cookies to bake for various gatherings and costumes to make! I did manage to get my tree decorated,but even though I had high hopes of decorating the house I never even managed to get the boxes of decorations out! I have decided that for next year I don't care if we don't do anything outside of the house for Christmas, I am determined to keep things low key for my family and have time to bake cookies with my kids and to go crazy decorating!
For New Years we stayed home and went to bed before the ball dropped here!

Now it's the middle of February. We have been busy packing and getting ready to move! Gary has been remodeling the house we are moving into! I am so excited because I will actually have a craft room of my own! I will also have a pantry and the kids will have their own rooms! This is a pic of the front addition that will be my craft room! I know it doesn't look like much now, but I am so excited! Of course, Isaiah can't pass up the photo op! When it's done my room will be about 12' x 8'! There will also be tons of shelves!!! Gary has gotten a lot done since I took this pic last week and Lord willing we will be able to move soon!