Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Party

Here is a pic of my kids from the town Christmas party! In order is Olivia, Hannah and Isaiah! I would have taken more pics, but Hannah somehow got a hold of my camera and ran down the batteries so my camera went dead after the 1st pic!

Bonne and Steph, Here it is!!!!

Well ladies after much prompting, here is my first post! I hope you don't expect me to update this too often! haha! Here are pics of the silk I got to spin from Grace! It is beautiful and so very soft! The other picture is what I am spinning on my wheel. It is merino wool and will be a 2-ply yarn when I am done! Now to figure out how to add the pics! I forget to add that the gold fiber is a silk/alpaca blend and the picture does not do it justice! I must say if you are ever looking for fiber go to Grace has the most incredible fiber you can find!